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Family Law

Whitney Kenner-Jones

Seeking Help For Your Family?

Family law issues are among the most stressful you can face. It can feel completely overwhelming to be looking at the dissolution of a marriage, the division of child custody and more. Representation that treats you with care and sympathy, while addressing the legal matters with skill and precision, is crucial.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

At Kenner Jones Law, LLC, no matter what you are facing, our team will handle your needs with care and compassion. We help clients with matters such as:

  • Divorce. The end of a partnership may be emotional, but we can help the legal aspect go seamlessly. We have experience in collaborative divorce, as well.
  • Legal separation. Georgia is one of few states that allow legal separation as an option. We can evaluate your situation and see if this option may be right for you.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These agreements can clarify almost anything that is important to you and your partner.
  • Child custody. Children are a primary concern for divorcing parents. We will work with you to create a plan that can achieve your goals for your children. We also handle modifications.
  • Child and spousal support/alimony. This can be a financial commitment for years to come: Talk to a lawyer when this is being arranged to ensure your interests are protected.
  • LGBT family law. If you were married in another state and now want to be divorced, we can help.

We also offer defense and representation in juvenile court. Our goal is to be a rigorous advocate for our clients: We want your family relationships to remain intact as much as possible, so we strive to compromise as appropriate while still seeking the most favorable outcome possible for you.

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You can take the first step to solving your family law issues by calling our Douglasville office at 404-692-0874 and speaking with an attorney. You can also reach us by sending us an online email.

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